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For your information:  How to bid



Auction catalogue:

The auction catalogues are published about three weeks prior to the sale and include all items to be sold. You can purchase print copies of the catalogues or view them online.

The catalogue specifications and related specifications appearing on the internet do not serve as a guarantee in legal terms and their purpose is purely in the information they provide. Please understand, that we can not guarantee for error-free and/or complete descriptions of the objects in the catalogue regarding damage, restoration, integrity, authenticity, dating and similar information.


Limits and Prices:

The prices in our catalogue are the starting prices in Euro. The items will be put to auction starting with these prices. The final price you have to pay if you win a bid  is the hammer price plus a premium of 21,5 % calculated on the hammer price plus VAT calculated on the premium only. If you take part in our sale as live bidder you have to pay the hammer price additional 24,5 % calculatet on the hammer price (plus  VAT calculatet on the premium only).



We exhibit all items to be sold during our previews. The auction items can be pre-inspected at the given times and dates. (With reservation. We have adhere to the current Corona regulation by the Bavarian State Government).


Bidder’s number:

If you want to take part in the auction in person in the sale room, we would ask you to register before the auction. You will receive a bidder’s number on presenting your identity card. This number will then guarantee you the access to the auction itself.


Seat Reservations:

We are able to accept seat reservations up until the day before the auction. Please understand that the seats can only be reserved until the beginning of the auction and may then be given to other customers.


Written Bids:

As an absentee bidder – you can place a written maximum bid which the auctioneer will use during the sale. You can fill out a bidding form and send it per fax or email to Richter & Kafitz. Please understand that we can only accept written bids up until the day before the auction. Your bid will be included in the auction under protection of your interests. In the case of several bids with the same maximum, we accept the bid following the chronological order in which we received the bids. Please note that for written bids the catalogue number, not the item’s name is binding.


Telephone bids:

Telephone bids are possible for items with a starting price of at least 300 Euros.  If you want to take part by telephone - fill out a phone-bidding form to let us know which lots you would like to bid on and we will call you during the auction. If you wish to bid by telephone for any item that has a reserve price below 300 Euros this will automatically raise the reserve price up to the 300 Euros. Telephone bids cannot underbid the reserve prices listed in the catalogue.


Live Bidding

You have the possibility of live bidding. In this case the additional is 24,5 % (plus VAT calculated on the premium only)




The items purchased at the auction day will have to be paid in cash the same day if you take part in person in the sale room. Please understand that we cannot accept credit cards. You will have to pay your item before you can take it with you. If you are abroad bidder, we will send you your invoice in the post, or via email if we have got your email adress. We must ask you to settle your invoice within ten days to allow us to pay off the consignors promptly. You can settle your invoice via bank transfer or in cash.


Information for foreign bidders:

The value added tax is only charged on the commission and therefore on a domestic service. The tax is only refundable for foreign, commercial purchasers according to the legal regulations.



Unbreakable und not too large items you can have sent to you by a shipping company. It apply the terms and conditions of this shipping company. If you wish so, we will gladly give you the contact details of the shipping company. 

Please understand that some fragile items may not be able to be sent by post. Such fragile items have to be collected at the auction house by the customer him- or herself or by a professional art logistic firm assigned by the customer. The transport costs will be calculated for you directly by this company. If you need any recommendation please let us know).


After Sale:

Items that are not sold during the auction may be purchased in the after sale during the week following the auction itself.  Please note, that the above stated auction conditions are also valid for this after sale. Not all items that are not sold during the auction will be sold in the after sale.


Information regarding the consignment of items for the upcoming auctions:

We may accept consignments from any of the following fields: art and antiques, craftworks and design-objects, collections, rarities or curiosities as well as estates. We offer individual conditions and supervision for every consignor in relation to our six-monthly auction.

Do not hesitate to ask us about our specific auction conditions. We can also arrange a consultation appointment if desired.


Yours sincerely

Dr. Viviane Kafitz & Dr. Dr. Heinz Richter





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