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We would like to welcome you at the web site of the auction house Richter & Kafitz located in Bamberg Germany. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Fine Art Auction House in Germany: Richter & Kafitz - Company History

The founder of Richter & Kafitz, Dr. Heinz-Dietmar Richter (PhD) and Dr. Viviane Kafitz (PhD) are celebrating the fine art auctions at a very unique, historical location: Bamberg, Germany. We established during over 10 years our dedicated services and are fully recognized in the national community as fine arts experts.

Fine Art Auctions Germany

You can participate in our auctions by personal attendance (visiting Germany and in particular Bamberg and Coburg is an remarkable event as such). In case your location is too far or your schedule fully booked, we offer options of email, fax or phone bidding, contact us for further details.

Collectibles / Antiques Sales Germany

beside our auctions you can sell, order / purchase collectibles and antiques all year through directly in one store.

Watch out for best bids:

We provide an ENGLISH web version. Please follow the links below and discover the fine art treasures:

Fine Art Auction - Online Catalogue

Armin Reumann - Painter

Enjoy the City of BAMBERG - UNESCO World Heritage

The location of our auction house and famous auctions is BAMBERG, a historical and cultural treasure of Germany:
The World Heritage List includes only 812 properties forming part of the cultural and natural heritage
which the World Heritage Committee considers as having outstanding universal value. Discover Bamberg!

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